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Reimagining Black Power with Black Panther


The excitement over Marvel Studio’s Black Panther movie has hit a fever pitch ahead of its opening weekend, and this moment has been a long time coming. The King of Wakanda generated a lot of buzz with his central role in the Captain America: Civil War film, stoked by notable comic book runs from Christopher Priest or Reginald Hudlin and award-winning writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, but in today’s #BlackLivesMatter moment of reckoning with a resurgent White Supremacist Confederacy this comics icon’s Afrofuturism has increased significance.  Indeed, the Politics of Being a Black Superhero are on screen for all to deliberate.


TIME magazine ran an essay contextualizing the significance of the BLACK PANTHER film for today’s culture… and its representative power for audiences.

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Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” turns 25

mccloud montage.jpg

It’s hard to understate the impact that Scott McCloud has had on comics scholarship. His 1993 book Understanding Comics revolutionized how the public and many fans perceive the comics medium, igniting debate and introspection over the power of comics. His books and concise explanations have become must-read touchstones for most Comics Studies courses because of his elegance in conveying the invisible art of much visual communication. McCloud’s 2005 TEDtalk “The Visual Magic of Comics” is a wonderful primer.


You can listen to a fascinating interview with the 99%invisible podcast, wherein Scott returns to contemplate the legacy of his ideas: “Powerful visual communication both speaks and is silent.”

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Nerd Nite with comics legend Scott Williams!!

I had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing comic book innovator Scott Williams, one of the forces behind IMAGE Comics and currently high-profile talent on DC Comics projects. Here you can learn about his secret origins developing the signature look of Image Comics, working with comic book royalty like Jim Lee or Neal Adams, and a lot of crazy behind-the-panels stories from his epic career.

Big thanks to More Fun Comics and Pop Nerd TV for making video of this magical evening possible!


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Superhero Myths in the Age of Trump

There is little doubt that Superhero films are the dominant Hollywood genre, a zeitgeist that shows few signs of slowing. But what can we learn from these films about current political divisions and American ideological struggles? Quite a bit, it turns out.


DC Comics “Trinity” usher in a darker American exceptionalism.

  1. American Superheroes are fighting with each other as much as they are battling any supervillain… and its an Apocalyptic war of values.  Not surprising to those following the 2016 American Presidential election, there is a genuine divide over the guiding principles of our national character. Indeed, this internal struggle has been central to comic book storylines for the better part of two decades since even before 9/11. In many ways, the American return to superhero myths born from wartime struggles of an emerging world superpower is also a quest to negotiate tensions between conflicting American values. Some have gone so far as to claim that “America’s need for superheroes has led to the rise of Donald Trump.” Even HBO comedian Bill Maher seems to agree. American Superheroes, in fact, were explicitly designed to wrestle with ethical dilemmas from conflicting social values… and whether the ends can ever justify the means when unintended consequences are all but inevitable.

To some the superhero we need, for others the supervillain we do not deserve…

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The Wonder Woman Paradox

GREAT essay reflecting upon “The Wonder Woman Paradox”… You can delve into some of my own past thoughts on this recurring problem of representation here.

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UNT Monstrous Women in Comics Conference

Monstrous Women in Comics: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Women in Comics and Graphic Novels

May 25–27 2017, University of North Texas, Denton 


A two-and-a-half day interdisciplinary academic conference which seeks to examine monstrous women in comics and graphic novels.

Thursday, May 25, 2017: Welcome Drinks Reception and Pop-Up Art Exhibit, from 5:30pm–7:30pm, featuring art from the comic Deer Woman produced by Native Realities Press. Open to the public. Location: Eagle Exhibit Hall, Environmental Sciences Building, 1704 W. Mullberry, Denton, TX 76201.

Friday, May 26, 2017: 9am Welcome and conference open; panel presentations from 9:30–12:15 and from 1:30–5:15pm. Keynote speech at 5:30pm: Dr. Carol Tilley, “A Regressive Formula of Perversity: Fredric Wertham and the Monstrous Women of Comics.” Open to all registered attendees. Location: Willis 140, Willis Library, 1506 Highland St. Denton, TX 76203.

Saturday, May 27, 2017: 9:30am Welcome; panel presentations from 9:45–12:15 and from 1:30–4:15pm. Conference close. Open to all registered attendees. Location: Willis 140, Willis Library, 1506 Highland St. Denton, TX 76203.

Full conference program available at

Registration is required for all but the Pop-Up Art Exhibit.

UNT Students may register for free; all others may register for $5 plus a $1.27 service charge through the site linked above.

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Free Comic Book Day 2017


Saturday May 6 is Free Comic Book Day, and our pals at More Fun Comics & Games are bringing in legendary comics illustrator SCOTT WILLIAMS, inker for Jim Lee and artist of the Denton Batman #1 exclusive variant cover!

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Also do not miss this 2017 National Library Week exhibition “Comics in the Library,” with a special panel on “Comics in the Academy” on Thursday, April 13, 2017 from 4:00-6:00pm in UNT’s Willis Library! 

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Happy Holidays, Superscholars!

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Political Rhetoric of CIVIL WAR?

treatJoin Dr. Shaun Treat on Thursday October 13 for a lively discussion with the Honors College on “Marvel’s Civil War: Superheroes vs. Democracy?”

The Marvel movie was a blockbuster hit of 2016, an election year wherein America itself confronted numerous internal divisions. Loosely based upon a 2006 comics crossover during the Bush administration and a post-9/11 zeitgeist, the much-anticipated sequel to The Avengers (2012) finds Captain America and Iron Man at odds over the government registration and regulation of superpowered individuals after catastrophic global incidents.

How might this cinematic allegory provide us with much food for thought over America’s post-9/11 anxieties with vigilante terrorism, balancing freedom vs security, and the collateral damage of American Exceptionalism for democracy both at home and abroad?

Join the conversation 6:30p on Thursday in the Multipurpose Room in UNT’s Rawlins Hall.


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The Art of Comic Production exhibit

Heroes in the Making: The Art of Comic Production
Presented in partnership with More Fun Comics and Games and Freaks And Geeks LLC
September 16, 2016 – December 10, 2016
Patterson Appleton Arts Center
$5 special exhibition admission; Free for GDAC members, students, and children under 12


From classic D.C. and Marvel heroes to independent artists and graphic novelists, today comic art surrounds us in print, toys, films, and online. But how do such artists create the heroes of tomorrow? This interactive exhibition brings together original illustrations, published works, scripts, and sketches to explore the history and future of comic production. Enjoy a selection of works from comic masters Jack Kirby, Curt Swan, Keith Giffen, Stan Lee, and Richard Sala, including such beloved characters as Wonder Woman, Superman, and Silver Surfer. With a “behind-the scenes” focus on how comics are made, visitors of all ages can create their own comics in hands-on maker stations or enjoy their favorite comics in our reading lounge.

This exhibition and events have been organized by the Greater Denton Arts Council in partnership with guest curator Josh Rose. Josh Rose is an art historian and comics enthusiast. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas and has held positions at the Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, and Office of Cultural Affairs, city of Dallas. He is currently faculty at El Centro College.

For a full schedule of programs and events, visit:

READ MORE: Denton Record Chronicle article, “Comics Pack a Punch” (9/8/2016).


Also check out “An Evening With Kevin Smith: The Art of Comics” and then “An (UN)Evening Without Kevin Smith Afterparty” in Denton TX on Saturday September 17, 2016.

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