Posted by: Doc Comics | January 15, 2010

Excelsior and Avante!

Welcome to SUPERHERO RHETORIC FORTRESS OF BLOGITUDE, the official website for Professor Shaun Treat‘s COM 4849 Mythic Rhetoric of the American Superhero course blog.

Offered at the University of North Texas by the Dept. of Communication Studies, the course examines comic superheroes as culture, commodity, and unique allegorical expression of America’s identity and cultural (un)consciousness. This blog is public so any fanboy or fangrrrl can explore how academic theories intersect with popular culture and ‘real life’ mediated  issues in powerful and fascinating ways!

Sound deep?  You bet, but it’ll also be a heckuva lot of fun.  Superfriends welcome! Please join in with our ongoing conversation!

A Brief History of Comics and the Superhero

Does America worship superheroes?

Campbell, “A Rhetorical Perspective

Brummett, “Rhetorical Methods in Critical Studies”



  1. The birth of the Comics Code from Dr. Fredrick Wettham’s “Superhero Complex” and the comic book’s “obscene glorification of crime” for a “generation seduced by the Superman.”

  2. Found this nifty article, which plays nicely as both PR/advertising and social commentary toward Marvel’s “big picture thinking” on consumer culture:

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