Posted by: Garret | February 11, 2010

Superman Reboot Rhetoric

The ongoing dialogue over the direction of Superman in cinema is seemingly neverending. Can Nolan & Goyer crack the “Superman Code” [see updates below], and what can they learn from recent “re-mythologizing” success in Superman comics?

What is really fascinating is that the dialogue itself, revolving around the direction of Superman, etc. is as cyclic as the books and mythos. The conversation continues over and over, making essentially the same points, ad infinum.

DOC T responds: Cool snow day item, Garret!  The post-Bronze Age Superman has proven difficult to handle in both comics and Hollywood, since his idealism and altruism seem nostalgically quaint to cynical postmodern audiences.  Superman is undoubtedly a secular Christ figure, of which Lawrence & Jewett will have much to say, but he also represents a crisis of American supermasculinity and all the gender trouble that entails (follow the link for some interesting insights into the X3 ‘Dark Phoenix’ story as well).  It’s very interesting to hear what comics writers think a Superman movie should do, especially Grant Morrison after his brilliant run on All Star Superman,  but Garret is right… the recurring arguments circle Coogan’s “heroic polarity” of Superman and Batman since this Kryptonian supersavior represents the best and noblest of American aspirations.

The Kal-El in Kingdom Come is a conflicted Christic figure.

UPDATE: Thoughts on the “Man of Steel” Nolan RetCon challenge here!

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  1. It’s the first time I have heard of some of these comics, I always thought Superman to be boring. You have wonderfully written the post. Your other posts convince me that Americans need Superman now more than ever. Thanks for sharing this.

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