Posted by: Garret | February 25, 2010

Commodity SHOWDOWN!

Many may have seen this story earlier this week, featuring the first appearance issue of Superman in Action Comics #1 that sold for $1 million. …Well, here we are a few days later and this “new record” has been broken by none other than Bruce himself, as Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27 sold for a whopping $1.075 million….”Ho Hum!” and Hilarious!!!

Bruce shows Clark that it 'pays to be richer', outbidding Supes for Top Superhero.

MORE Updates on the battle for supremacy…Seriously, what is necessitating this much media attention? Why bring these auction stories up over and over and over? What is it about current interest and speculation that is driving up media interest in the collector’s market?

If the battle for most expensive comic isn’t enough, the debate over which film auteurs can handle which DC film adaptation correctly is ALWAYS a hot topic, with its own cyclical debate.



  1. Good questions, Garret, all of which circles the commodity fetishism of these icons. Although the auctions are treated as if ‘the public’ (rather than a few uberwealthy collectors) were ‘voting with their dollars,’ this just ain’t so. Still, maybe it reflects the ongoing struggle within our cultural imaginary over which icon best embodies the American superhero: The Dark Knight or the Big Blue Boy Scout.

  2. Why so much attention?
    Slow news day, really.

    February is infamous for being a very slow period for news in general, which comics have been the accidental recipient of for years now. Captain America was killed in February a couple years ago. The Obama/Spidey comic also dropped in February last year.

    It also helps that Heritage Auctions is based here in Dallas, which gives these events greater exposure here on local news than it probably finds in other media markets.

    To me, the oddest part of this is that, before this week, no comic had even crossed the $500k barrier. In one week, two books crossed $1m.

  3. (to Tim) EXACTLY my point! These sudden “spurts” of contending interests, right as DC/WB begin a “leaked announcement war” over which property is actually getting developed and by whom…i.e., Which Nolan bro. is doing what, and when will it see the light of day, and is any of it really true?

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