Posted by: Garret | March 4, 2010

Some ‘mild’ Spring Break Reading, perhaps? Or “Final” paper ideas…

Here is a healthy list of some of the best DC comic books celebrating their 75th Anniversary. Enjoy!

Wow, if you haven’t gone through the list yet, it’s ALL there! Great list! Lists tend to be overused, misused, and thus under-appreciated, but this is a fine fine list.

Here’s another list that might inspire some other female superhero choices beyond Wonder Woman! Of course, WW is on the list as well ; p



  1. This is indeed a pretty darn good list! Thanks, Garret!

    A few other superheroines that’d make for interesting reading might include a couple of femme sidekicks like Robin and Speedy, Manhunter, the recent Black Panther storyline, She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch or Wasp from Avengers, SpiderWoman (or Spider-Girl), American Dream… Good grief, I could go on.

    For a comprehensive list of Black superheroes, you could also peruse the Museum of Black Superheroes (also listed in the blogroll), or maybe Asian-American superheroes, and there are quite a few Gay Superheroes as well (see some top picks here and here and here).

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