Posted by: Garret | March 6, 2010

Big Announcements in the Comic Book World!

As seen above, Supes & WW duking it out over "Who is 'Second' Most Popular".

In class we’ve already discussed how difficult it can be to tackle certain iconic superheroes over time. Two of the key examples we continue to exercise are Superman and Wonder Woman (Ironically, no one seemed to have a hard time picking either of those two to write about, despite their ‘disconnect’ in popular media; i.e., movies.).

Well today¬†DC Comics announced that acclaimed/award-winning/blah blah blah writer J. Michael Straczynski is going to be taking on the writing duties for BOTH the Superman and Wonder Woman titles this summer. Hmm, does this invite 1) more discussion and interest, 2) a potential to bring more (and new) readers back to these titles, or 3) “Who the *&^% is J. Michael Straczynski?…I still feel a disconnect”.

"1,000 years together isolated in an alternate universe and 'nada'?! Kal, are you kidding me?!"



  1. The dynamics between the Big 3 of DC are very interestingly explored in TRINITY and THE NEW FRONTIER (a great comic with a cool animated adaptation).

  2. HOLY WONDER-Bra Batman!

  3. Right Treat, it is always on the agenda for Big-Time writers/artists to tackle “The Big Three” together. For example, Kurk Busiek’s year-long weekly series of the same name, Trinity. Another interesting move is how novelist Brad Meltzer started his run on a post-Infinite Crisis Justice League of America. The entire issue (a special #0 issue drawn by Jim Lee) is Supes, Bats, and WW sitting around a table digging through Superhero polaroids to decide who is “best fit” for the JLA…talk about superteam dynamics?!

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