Posted by: Garret | March 22, 2010

Elseworld independence versus Continuity Guffaws

To continue the conversation from class, elseworld tales like Kingdom Come and Superman: Red Son offer opportunities for writers to eschew from the status quo of comic book universes (i.e., comic book canon or continuity). We talked about Batman’s antihero antics in Red Son as being downright terroristic. Here is an article running down some of Batman’s more notorious gun-ins that have been paved over by the functionality of the retcon.



  1. It wasn’t just Batman, many of the Golden Age superheroes had few qualms dealing death to evil-doers. Its this kind of vigilante “justice” via redemptive violence that informs Lawrence & Jewett’s critique, of course, but its also a fascinating window into our American appetite for framing the “problem of evil” as individualistic rather than systemic.

  2. I agree doc T- but having a time bullet is just bad ass however, evening using it is way overboard in killing evil doers even for batman. The whole space death Ray was way over the scifi channels head. It seems when if batman does kill the writers ho to extremes. Oh and thanks for not requiring us to read batman year two…from what I saw I wouldve not even read it past the first chapter.

  3. Lol, I’m ALL FOR time bullets and god guns, as long as Grant Morrison is the one explaining it to me! : O

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