Posted by: Doc Comics | May 23, 2010

Superhero summer

The Periodic Table of Super-Powers

The spring undergrad course on superheroes was a smash, so thanks to those of you whose hard work made teaching the course so fun, and thanks to Garret for his great work as TA sidekick (and good luck with his PhD at Oklahoma).  Also special thanks to Tim at MoreFun Comics for his contributions to the class!  Due to popular demand, I’ll be teaching a grad summer class on Mythic Rhetoric of Superheroes during the 5W2 session so this will be a superhero summer as well!

Some superhero funlinks include the Periodic Table of Super-Powers (above), Disney princesses get reimagined as superheroines (sorta), fanboy easter eggs on Fringe as Heroes gets replaced by The Cape, Captain America avoids jail time, and then there’s the costume history of Iron Man and Batman or Kryptonians.  You’ll also see some familiar stories in the 10 most politically-charged comics and these hilarious superhero term papers.

Bone up on your IRON MAN 2 fanboy Easter eggs!



  1. Glad to hear that the class is continuing!!
    I have all the class materiel and comics for the next students – that is if you don’t change too much from the spring 2010 course. I can gladly sell to them at a VERY CHEAP rate

    have them email me at:
    or by phone: 940.453.8107

    Great links! I however wish I didn’t see that the porn industry was not making a BATMAN XXX: Parody – due for release at the end of march 2010…geez nothing is sacred anymore. lol?

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