Posted by: Doc Comics | July 5, 2010


MYTHIC RHETORIC OF THE AMERICAN SUPERHERO is coming!  Since the 5840 special topics in Rhetorical Studies class is kicking-off next week, here is a list of the scholarly goodies we’ll be surveying for the class.

Barry Brummett, The Rhetoric of Popular Culture, 2nd Ed. (Sage, 2006)

Lawrence & Jewett, The Myth of the American Superhero.  (Eerdmans, 2002)

Duncan & Smith, The Power of Comics (Continuum, 2009)

There will also be a SuperReadings Packet of the best comics scholarship made available at CopyPro on Frye Street, and a list of required Graphic Novels that superscholars can score at MoreFun Comics on the Denton Square.  This will be a readings-intensive 5 week seminar aimed at increasing knowledge of rhetorical approaches to studying superheroes and producing a convention-worthy piece of scholarship by the end of the class.  The action begins Monday July 12 from 2-4pm in GAB301, seeya there!!

Rhetoric newbies can check the comments below for some helpful readings!



  1. For those of you who may be looking to get a handle on rhetorical approaches to textual criticism, a great place to start is KKC’s “A Rhetorical Perspective” and Brummett’s “Rhetorical Methods in Critical Studies.”

    KKC offers a masterful distinction between a “rhetorical perspective” and “rhetorical acts” (with 6 purposes of rhetoric); Brummett then amends this more traditional approach with a critical/cultural perspective on popular rhetoric that attends to the more subtle, tacit, or even unintentional persuasive work of popular texts as sites of struggle over ideological meanings. The result is Brummett then charting the dynamic “Varieties of Rhetorical Criticism” that characterize contemporary rhetorical criticism today, which will occupy our first week of the course.

  2. Should I come to first day of class to sell my class material from the spring semester? 940.453.8107

    • Hahaha! Well, I reckon you could bring it by my office and we’ll see if there is any interest.

  3. ok! I leave Monday after noon for chicago so I will stop by in the morning?

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