Posted by: Doc Comics | July 23, 2010

5840 Paper #1

The first paper is a 7-10 page application of concepts from course readings that justifies the significance of your chosen superhero icon, overviews their history, and compiles a 10 item bibliography.  The focus is upon the history of your superhero(ine) that provides background for explorations of their underlying mythic themes, narrative motifs, and ideological meanings that illuminate the “rhetoric” of your icon.  You should certainly use course readings, but could also scour creator interviews, internet fansites, and any number of comic book histories.  If in doubt, rely upon Hart’s critical probes and the typographies of both Reynolds and Coogan in following the DIET formula for writing critical essays: Describe, Interpret, Evaluate, and Theorize.  The bibliography should include works about your superhero (if any) and readings from class that seem applicable.  We’ll then have a show-n-tell on MoreFun Monday with Tim!

Next weeks comics: Kingdom Come and Superman: Red Son!

ALSO: This Sunday Dr. Shaun Treat is invited to speak on “Why Superman Matters: Superhero Ethics for Mere Mortals” at the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship,  July 25 at 10:30am (1111 Cordell St. Denton).


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