Posted by: Doc Comics | August 11, 2010

SuperCourse tee?

Holy Hegemony! That’s right, superhero thrill-seekers, celebrate (or gloat) about earning college credit for reading comic books with this snazzy tee.  You can get yours over at Zazzle, and even customize your own slogans, catch-phrases, and bumper-sticker insights on the back of your own tee!

As a bonus, see your friendly neighborhood comics professor wrap up a groovy BBC interview on comics and philosophy. (In a related note, I just might put up Waid or Morrison against Homer, but its the Alan Moore vs. Dante brawl that I’d *really* pay to see!!)  Meanwhile, Morrison notes the class warfare of Superman vs Batman and witness the hilarity of Superhero University.




  2. I took this class last Spring and I am sooo getting this shirt!

  3. No more S sizes 😦

    • Blasphemy. May look into getting some printed here locally.

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