Posted by: Doc Comics | October 31, 2010

“The 99” vs. Xenophobia

Over at Comics Alliance, a stunning article on attempts by Conservative ‘culture warriors’ to stir up xenophobic outrage against the Islamic superheroes of “The 99.” Unfortunately, Islamofascism-pandering pundits and fear-mongering critics (who don’t seem to be familar with Al-Matuwa’s comic) miss the point entirely.

“Like New York City’s so-called “Ground Zero Mosque,” itself envisioned to promote tolerance and peace between Muslims and the greater American population, “The 99” cartoon finds itself imperiled by those who’ve yet to see or even contemplate the true nature of the work… Each of the heroes of “The 99” represents one of those virtues of Allah, such as strength, mercy and wisdom, attributes that are valued by many faiths and cultures. Praised by U.S. President Barack Obama as embodying “the teachings of the tolerance of Islam,” the young heroes also demonstrate these values in their fantastical adventures without any one character praying or even mentioning explicit Muslim scripture…. Just as importantly, “The 99″ are not only intended to present a moderate, tolerant face of Islam to the Western world, but also to the Islamic world itself.”

Having read the comics, I agree that “from all appearances, The 99 is about as subversive as baseball and mom’s apple pie.” Of course, these jingoist propagandists for fear-mongering Islamophobia don’t mind “Liberality For All” and its apocalyptic Liberal dystopia, much less the far more radical xenophobic fringe of PIGMAN, and readers may recall the controversy that erupted when Tea Party protesters were cast as supervillain minions in Captain America #602. Here, in a 1950s public service announcement from Batman (and Superman), patriots are given a refresher civics lesson on our noble American heritage of Freedom, equality, and tolerance.


In Halloween news, before there were DC/Marvel crossovers, there was the secret history of the Rutland Halloween Parade!


  1. This article was posted today on Aljazeera English:

    “Meet Captain Israel, the anti-BDS superhero:

    Creators of a new comic hope that they can counter the ‘venomous’ Israel boycott movement.”

    Middle Easterns are taking the battle to another sphere: the comics world.

  2. Captain Jihad: Ex-terrorist is now comic book hero:
    “I want children to learn from my experience … I don’t want them to make the same mistakes”

  3. The 99 has a cartoon, and controversy is still fomenting despite an endorsement by President Obama. And io9 wonders if a superhero in a burka sends the wrong message.

  4. The Burka Avenger is now making headlines… and sparking timely controversy!

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