Posted by: Doc Comics | January 31, 2011

Cinematic Superhero Zeitgeist

The Spider-Man reboot and Captain America launch first photos

Cinematic superheroes continue their march to the screen as Summer 2011 promises to deliver more costumed crusaders.  Other notable characters in development include a Wonder Woman TV series, The Black Panther (and a long-awaited DVD series), and now casting news for Zach Snyder’s Superman.

Henry Cavill is Nolan and Snyder's new Superman.

In other news, the infamous Comics Code is officially dead now that Archie Comics has ditched its rating system (all while also capitalizing on sweet dreams of political bipartisanship).  A death in the Fantastic Four has revitalized debate over the direction of monthly comics (see MoreFun Tim’s take on the haters), and a hilariously serious video on the state of diversity in comics (and anecdotal evidence of its past).

Meanwhile, The UNT COMICS SYMPOSIUM is on for February 25-26, featuring co-author of “The Power of Comics” Randy Duncan!


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