Posted by: Doc Comics | April 19, 2011

MAXIM endorses Superhero course… sorta.

MAXIM for May 2011, p.93

The latest issue of MAXIM magazine features an article on “The dorm room drug lords of higher education” and a pal tipped me that my course Mythic Rhetoric of American Superheroes was included in a sidebar “America’s Best Classes for Drug-Addled Students.”  I guess this is an endorsement? It was listed above “Editing James Franco… with James Franco” so at least there’s that.

Regardless, expect more hype for the course slated for Communication Studies as a special topic this Fall! One colleague suggests we should ride the hype and schedule it for a 4:20 time slot. What say ye, superhero thrill-seekers?



  1. Gotta figure they make these choices based on the title alone. If they knew anything about your course, I doubt they would see drugs as a study aid.

    But definitely go for the 4:20 time slot.

    BTW, I’ve always said Superheroes are the crack of the comics world — ubiquitous, intoxicating, money-making, and totally addictive. I try to avoid them because, well, I think I am a recovering superhero addict. But lately, the iPad has been enabling my addiction. “Battle Pope” may be my new avatar!

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