Posted by: Doc Comics | April 29, 2011

Illegal Alien Immigrant renounces American citizenship?

Action Comics #900 ignites controversy

ACTION COMICS #900 is causing quite the stir with a back-up story written by David Goyer wherein Superman threatens to renounce his American citizenship after a nonviolent protest in Tehran almost ignites an international incident. Predictably (and unfortunately for the other notable stories), as comics creators wryly weighed-in, the Right Wing punditry and FOX collectively blew a gasket as the world responded.

The Comics Alliance article was flooded with comments exuding more racist and hate-mongering political sentiment than usual after the ultra-RightWing Drudge Report directed its reader’s to the piece. Emerging on the heels of President Obama making public his birth certificate amidst racially-charged suspicion of his legitimacy and policies, its difficult not to draw lessons from America’s most famous (if fictional) illegal alien immigrant who nonetheless has come to stand for Truth, Justice, and indeed the American Way in an increasingly Globalized world… for both better and worse. But lest we forget, Superman has always been a world citizen despite the crowing jingoists.


UPDATE: The comic gets a second printing and DC Comics responds, and Captain America [well, US Agent] goes after Wikileaks.


  1. It’s official… Superman loves America again.

  2. No, seriously. DC really means it.

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