Posted by: Doc Comics | June 24, 2011

DC Comics relaunch

Russia not amused by Red Army statue make-over

Around the web, superheroes have been in the news in a Russian monument make-over, some backlash over the superhero movie blitzkrieg, fanboy theatre in NYC, the death of the Marvel Ultimate Universe Spider-Man (sorta), Neil Gaiman gives an impassioned defense of Free Speech, and a last-minute Superman story switcheroo that keeps getting more bizarre. Meanwhile, comics legend Gene Colan passes.

The big news lighting up the fanboy blogosphere, however, is the unprecedented DC Comics Relaunch that intends to reboot their comics universe in September. By all accounts, this is no mere PR stunt or cosmetic “RetCon” being planned by DC, but rather a revamped business approach to comics storytelling. Says DC’s Dan Didio:

“This is a refocusing of the energies of the company into a way that really pushes the medium toward the widest and best audience possible. This isn’t about turning around a single character or telling a new story. This is about repositioning the company for the future. What we’re trying to accomplish is to widen the breadth of our stories and the appeal of characters and go after different distribution systems.”

The new DC 52 seems partial to collars.

The last bit on the controversy around digital comics formats spurred a lot of reactions from creators and retailers (I’m eagerly awaiting MoreFun Tim’s take). Comics fandom also expressed anxiety over the changes to characters like Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl/Oracle and other favorite characters (you can see a break-down here). This shake-up at DC is creating a tsunami of ripples throughout the comics industry, and we’ll be keeping an eye on developments.



  1. Witness the awesomeness of Captain America!!

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