Posted by: Doc Comics | August 10, 2011

The Ultimate Race Experiment with Spider-Man

The MYTHIC RHETORIC OF SUPERHEROES course (Comm 4849 Special Topics in Rhetoric, TuTh 9:30-10:50a) is coming back to UNT this fall! Tell your friends and register soon, seats go fast! And a very special shout-out to class superscholar April Murphy for her impressive ComicCon 2011 presentation on Wonder Womyn & BatGrrrls!! Kudos also to Norma Jones own superheroes video featured at NCA Currents!

There's something different about the new Ultimate universe Spidey

So what’s melting the internet this week? No doubt it is news that the death of Peter Parker in Marvel’s Ultimate (alternate timeline) universe will herald the introduction of a new Spider-Man…  Miles Morales, a half-African American and half-Hispanic teenager.  Needless to say, the “controversy” swings from wondering if this new ‘ethnic‘ Spidey is a “cop-out” or is instead symptomatic of a gay Liberal agenda (read about the freak-outs by a few of the usual suspects like Glenn Beck and Stephen Colbert). The “Big Two” DC and Marvel certainly take a lot of heat for their spotty track-record with diversity, but seem to get more right than Hollywood by most accounts.

National Public Radio commentator John Ridley critiques Hollywood for being even less diverse than the Big Two when it comes to diversity in lead characters, and demolishes their blame-the-audience theory that white people won’t go to see a movie with a black lead by pointing to a study by Indiana University professor Andrew Weaver: “Weaver found that white audiences tended to be racially selective with regard to romantic movies, but not necessarily when it came to other genres. So, sorry, Hollywood. You can’t blame it on the ticket buyers.”

You can listen to an interview with Mavel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso at NPR about the new Spidey.

Meanwhile, in other superhero news, a first look at Christopher Nolan’s vision of Superman, and leaked pics of Bane and Catwoman from the Batman sequel, Alan Moore defends alleged Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, and Grant Morrison talks about his plans for Action Comics, and Anonymous threatens to “kill” Facebook!

Henry Cavill as 'The Man of Steel'


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