Posted by: Doc Comics | September 13, 2011

Superheroes, Myth, Genre: Week 3


Campbell’s “Monomyth” is a solid beginning point…

This week we’re considering Rushing & Frentz’s “Mythic Perspective” and Peter Coogan’s “Superhero Genre” approach, which make for an interesting contrast. While Rushing & Frentz have us reflecting upon how we can find and make meaning from these tutelary archetypes, Coogan argues for Mission, Powers, and Identity (and Supervillains) as unique and distinguishing literary elements of superhero narratives (with notable challenge by Henry Jenkins to his historical typology).

Image result for superhero genre

Our comic of the week is 1979’s X-MEN: THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA, a Marvel epic that raises fascinating issues about Superheroines and superpowers, the lines between superhero and supervillain, and X-Men editor Jim Shooter’s intervention into the ending of this now-classic tale! Be sure to follow the ‘comments’ section in the above link for discussion questions!

EXTRA BONUS: MoreFun Tim’s Soapbox!!



  1. If The Hellfire Club sounds familiar, they were the villains in the recent X-MEN: First Class film.

  2. Waitasec… Turns out Phoenix had to die while Galactus had to be saved?!? Holy head-scratcher!

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