Posted by: Doc Comics | October 24, 2011

Evolution of the SuperAntihero

This satirical look at “The Evolution of the Superhero” (by Ryan Dunlavey) nicely summarizes our turn to surveying an alternate genealogy of the Comic Book SuperAntihero across the Marvel/DC divide. This week’s comics selection is the British firebrand volume  V FOR VENDETTA, Alan Moore’s controversial 1990 meditation on superheroic terrorism between Anarchy and Fascism as we contemplate the hegemonic resistance and reification in comics ideology… and in the streets. As #OccupyWallStreet embraces Moore’s iconic Anarchist SuperAntihero, are V and The Joker comic book doppelgängers?!? And what to make to the Wachowski Bros. 2006 cinematic translation when read against Nolan’s “agent of chaos” Joker in The Dark Knight? Perhaps they have more in common than a chilling smile? And what happens when Marvel’s CIVIL WAR pits post-9/11 superantihero against superantihero to ask you “Which side are you on?

On a related note, Frank Miller’s Holy Terror shakes things up, SUPER gets analyzed, and the Revolt of Superheroes. In other news, a (tragic) piece of superhero history revealed and a Q&A about women and comics with Marvel talent!



  1. Check out this video on YouTube:

    • Fantastic! we’ll watch this in class!

  2. Remember, Remember, <a href="“>the Fifth of November…

    …and lest we forget.


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