Posted by: Doc Comics | October 31, 2011

Feminist Superheroines? Week 10

Superhero comics have long had much difficulty in their representations of superheroines and Wonder Women. This week we’ll be exploring Feminist rhetorical criticism and issues of sexism within the gender representations of comics and in the comics industry as we consider a history HERstory of the superheroine. Our graphic novel of the week is PROMETHEA, Alan Moore’s bold experiment in re-writing a Womyn Wonder that won accolades and mainstream attention for sparking more discussion of persistent Gender Trouble in comics representation (the infamous WIR problem).

Also discussed will be Wonder Woman’s altered origin in DC’s new 52 relaunch.

The latest in a long line of failed attempts to address gender inequity and minority representation.


  1. Want to see a compare/contrast of gender representation? And howzabout the case of Hank Pym, superhero wife-beater? But it doesn’t stop there with the comic book superhero double-standard in visual representation… or movies… or video games… etc….

  2. NYCC 2013 featured a panel on the Women Creators at Marvel looking to change comics for the better.

  3. Women in Refrigerators explained, and then superheroine feminism explored via Second-Wave Sue Storm (who has had innumerable cringe-worthy moments) and the X-Men’s “Dark Phoenix Saga.”

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