Posted by: Doc Comics | November 21, 2011

SuperAntihero Civil War: Week 13

Marvel’s epic crossover event CIVIL WAR will inform this week’s explorations into post-9/11 politics and issues animating superhero comics. It’s a free-for-all as we seek answers to: Whose side are you on?

“The failures and successes alike show that if comics are to succeed as modern political allegory, comics writers cannot simply transplant real controversies into their fictional worlds. They also face the daunting task of inventing a grammar and a vocabulary for a new sort of superhero narrative — one capable of telling us that, sometimes, great power comes with the responsibility to NOT use it.”

#OccupyTreatsOffice struck on Nov. 7

Bonus Material: strangely prescient conversation between Daredevil and Captain America from Daredevil #283 (August 1990)… and memes a’plenty!



  1. I love this series, mark millars first story and art work was exceptional, i feel marvels understanding of human dynamic is so prominant in this series, these characters are humans with powers, but they keep the human side so close

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