Posted by: Doc Comics | January 6, 2012

Are Superhero Comics too ‘Liberal’ or too ‘Conservative?

A pretty interesting tête-à-tête at Bleeding Cool on politically Liberal storylines hurting comics sales versus the Conservative tendencies of the genre. Although both authors seem to be arguing past the other, it certainly raises recurring questions over conflicted political ideologies within superhero comics. To me, the more intriguing rhetorical issue of such sweeping metacritiques is that the argument often misses a more important point about shallow stereotypes made by ‘The Comics Professor‘ (a contributor to the Blackwell ‘Philosophy and Popular Culture’ series):

“Furthermore, it contributes to the perception that our political affiliations define us. If Superhero A is conservative and Superhero B is liberal, many people will take those facts to determine much more about their characters than seems appropriate. There’s a lot of room for widely different types of liberals and conservatives in this world (not to mention all the people who reject both labels). And I like to believe that most liberals and conservatives (excluding the ones on the extreme fringe of each group) have more in common than not.”

We’ve examined several instances of presumed ‘political bias‘ in superhero comics and characters (even Captain America) on numerous occasions, positing that such mythic American tensions are precisely why these politically-charged fantasies matter still.



  1. Dr. T,

    Wanted to share this if you have not seen it already, funny shit.


  2. Here is something I wrote about Right Wing views in comics. I confess, that I am an unashamed leftie and that it is written from that point of view.
    I’m not attempting to enter the argument by the way, just thought it was interesting to find people debating something similar to what I’d written about.

  3. AGAIN it comes up!
    Comics creators Chuck Dixon and Paul Rivoche have written a piece for the Wall Street Journal titled, “How Liberalism Became Kryptonite for Superman: A graphic tale of modern comic books’ descent into moral relativism.” Beating familiar conservative pundit drums like jingoistic nostalgia and referencing a lot of demonstrably incorrect information, these two experienced pros manage to paint a picture of an industry tottering on the edge of moral collapse to an audience — readers of WSJ — that knows little about what’s actually going on in cape comics and the American comics industry in general.

    Read More: What Dixon And Rivoche Get Wrong About The Comics Industry |

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