Posted by: Doc Comics | February 16, 2012

UNT’s Summer 2012 Superhero Course

That’s right, Mean Green thrillseekers, the University of North Texas course on MYTHIC RHETORIC OF THE AMERICAN SUPERHERO is back this summer! The Communication Studies Special Topics COM 4849 class with Prof. Shaun Treat will survey the history (and pulp pre-history of Transhumans), mythology, and social issues of the American Superhero in comics and film! The class meets during 5W1 (June 4 thru July 6) on M-Th 12noon-1:50p in LIFE A419 GAB 317. Graduate students and undergrads alike from UNT and TWU are welcome, and early registration has already begun! Seats will go fast so tell your friends and grab your spot today!



  1. I wanna take this class!
    So frigin’ cool!

  2. Prerequisites? Curses!

    • NO pre-requisites! Open to all!

  3. As an Alum of UNT, I am so proud this course is being offered! I only wish A) I lived closer so that I could enroll, B) it was offered as a distance learning option, or C) that the lectures could be podcast like Corey Olsen is doing with his Tolkien Professor courses at Washington College.

    Also, I’m interested in pursuing a Master’s in Theology, with an emphasis in popular culture. Any suggestions as to programs to look in to?

    • Thanks for the praise! I believe Bowling Green University has a top-shelf program in popular culture and Florida has Comics Studies, but most programs would likely require you to pursue popular culture as a minor or area of emphasis to some major program of study (like Religious Studies). That is, you’d need to cobble-together a program that suits your interests and needs so look closely at departments in universities with other programs or courses in cultural studies, media studies, or critical-popular theory. A sympathetic mentor who can bridge it all together is of key concern, so track bibliographies of favorite academic essays to see where those superscholars teach!

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