Posted by: Doc Comics | June 5, 2012

4849 Superhero Summer: Week 1

BATMAN: YEAR ONE RetCons how Batman begins.

Welcome to the Superhero Summer course (see comments for updated class location)! This week we’ll explore the History of Superhero Comics and then critically engage their mythic and ideological features using concepts and methods from the course reading packet. We will then turn to the illustrative example of BATMAN: YEAR ONE to examine mythic archetypes and fantasy culturetypes of the Hero’s Journey Monomyth within this RetCon of Batman‘s origin story! You can pick-up your class comics readings at More Fun Comics & Games on the Denton Square with a sweet discount!



  1. What the heck is Ideology and Hegemony? We’ll survey some quick guides!

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    Summer 2013 July 8 – Aug 9; Mon-Th 2:00-4:00p in Sage 330!!

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