Posted by: Doc Comics | July 11, 2013

SuperSummer week 2: the Superhero Monomyth


Are Superhero Comics too 'Liberal' or too 'Conservative?

For week two, we’re considering Rushing & Frentz’s “Mythic Perspective” and Peter Coogan’s “Superhero Genre” approach, which make for an interesting contrast. While Rushing & Frentz have us reflecting upon how we can find and make meaning from these tutelary archetypes of the Hero’s Journey Monomyth, Coogan argues for Mission, Powers, and Identity (and Supervillains) as unique and distinguishing literary elements of superhero narratives (with notable challenge by HenryJenkins to his historical typology). Some questions for discussion can be found here and here!

We’ll also be reading the legendaryGREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW series “Hard-Traveling Heroes” and by the end of the week discuss Frank Miller‘s revolutionary DARK KNIGHT RETURNS epic that reimagines Batman and his mythos (MoreFun Tim brings some context). These readings will inform and illustrate Lawrence & Jewett’s Myth of the American Superherocritique! Together…

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