Posted by: Doc Comics | July 18, 2013

SuperSummer week 3: Deconstructing Superheroes


This week continues our look at superhero deconstruction in Miller’s Dark Knight Returns with another graphic novel that changed comics in 1986, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s epic masterpiece Watchmen (readings reflection items here). As we explore the postmodern paradoxes for superheroes as “commodified myth” and genre-blending existential reflection, we’ll also think about the “superheroine problem” in these masculinepowerfantasies. Indeed, Wonder Woman will play a key role in Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ ‘re-mythologizing’ saga Kingdom Come, which both stages andengages Lawrence & Jewett’s “Superhero Monomyth” critique of Führerprinzipdemocracy! We’ll also discuss the looming midterm exam.



Meanwhile, the MAN OF STEELmarketing has begun! The Avengers sparks more movies with their success.

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