Posted by: Doc Comics | July 25, 2013

SuperSummer week 4: Superminority MythRepresentation

Next week’s superadventures!!



This week we’ll be sampling the critical perspectives of race, class, and gender within Hegemonic Ideology to explore challenges to superhero representation. We begin with the paradoxes in depicting Black Superheroes (and thorny issues of comic bookcommodities) by reading about Milestone Comics’ ICON and DC’s ‘whitewashing RetCon‘ difficulties. [What happened to BET‘s Black Panther cartoon is surprising.] As we then explore readings about the race, class, and gendertrouble (The 99?) in comics and other media, we’ll tackle the “Wonder WomynProblem” of “Women in Refrigerators” for feminist critics and SuperMoms [not to mention Wonder Womanherself]. We’ll end the week discussing the GenderQueer superheroine in BATWOMAN: ELEGY and it’s praise and criticisms! How do these multicultural characters conform to and challenge some superhero conventions as SuperAntiheroes… or Vendetta vigilantes? And the Final…

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