Posted by: Doc Comics | August 2, 2013

SuperSummer final week 5: Why Superheroes matter?

Note the new SuperSummer 2013 Final Paper due date is Thursday Aug 8th!


Kicking-off our last week will be Mark Millar’s RED SON, an Elseworld’s tale that challenges the mission of meanings of Superman. As we look at post-9/11 superheroes and their thorny cultural and socio-politicalissues, discussion will focus on the post-9/11lessonslearned from our exploration of superheroes and the superherocinema zeitgeist. Do you agree “superheroes have given us a way to talk about the War on/of Terror without directly talking about it” (for example, Marvel’s Civil War) but perhaps equally so with a myriad of other issues??

Later in the week, we will also be examining Grant Morrison’s award-winning and critically acclaimed run onALL-STAR SUPERMAN to discuss “Does Superman still matter?” (some of my thoughts are here about Kal-El refuting superkillers like AzBats).  Meanwhile, we will also be looking ahead to your final paper’s analysis of a graphic…

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