Posted by: Doc Comics | August 27, 2013

4849 Fall 2011


Welcome to the SUPERHERO RHETORIC FORTRESS OF BLOGITUDE, the official website for Professor Shaun Treat’s COMM 4849Mythic Rhetoric of the American Superherocourse blog.

Offered at the University of North Texas by the Dept. of Communication Studies, this course explores comic superheroes as culture, commodity, and unique allegorical expression of America’s identity and cultural values.

Sound deep?  You bet, but it’ll also be a heckuva lot of fun.  Superfriends welcome!

The course reading packet will be available at CopyPro (on the corner of Frye and Hickory) on Friday afternoon, and you can grab course comics at MoreFunComics & Games on the Denton Square, but meanwhile, here are more SuperReadings!

A Brief History of Comics and the Superhero

Does America worship superheroes?

Campbell, “A Rhetorical Perspective

Brummett, “Rhetorical Methods in Critical Studies”

Comic of the Week: “RetCon” and BATMAN: YEAR…

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