Posted by: Doc Comics | August 27, 2013

Superhero Mythology & Origins: Week 1


“Every lover of myth is in a sense the lover of wisdom.” ~Aristotle

One might fairly wonder if superheroes are indeed mythology or not, and there is plenty of room to debate the relative merits of categorization. For now, it may be enough to engage a useful understanding of mythology put forth by William Doty:

The very definition of myth is problematic today; here narrow, partial, “monomythic” definitions are rejected in favor of a complex, inclusive one, the seventeen items of which are then discussed. A mythological corpus consists of a network of myths, which are culturally-important imaginal stories conveying, by means of metaphor and symbol, graphic imagery, and emotional conviction and participation, the primal, foundational accounts of the real, experienced world, and humankind’s roles and relative statuses within it. Mythologies may convey the political and moral values of a culture, and provide systems of…

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