Posted by: Doc Comics | September 5, 2013

The Superhero’s Journey: Week 2


If the Superhero’s Mythic Journey has a formulaic archetypal plot and structure, then the culturetype variations of particular iterations are often telling markers for specific cultural conflicts, struggles, and crisis of an era. When superhero comics strive for cultural relevance, it can tell stories about timely events yet also risk seeming ‘dated‘ to future generations. One such snapshot is 1970’s GREEN LANTERN / GREEN ARROW from the Vietnam-era, a bold and widely-acclaimed run that we’ll be considering for week two. As we continue to survey approaches to understanding Superhero Mythology, we will also be contemplating the narrative reasoning at work within these mythic epics.

Image result for heros journey

UPDATE: ChartPorn on who owns our myths and legends! And Comics Alliance weighs in on Morrison’s “new” Superman in Action Comics!

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