Posted by: Doc Comics | September 13, 2013

Paper #1: Your Superhero History


In class we’ve discussed the origins of the American Superhero genre and looked at some of the ways in which the idea of the superhero appears, reappears, changes, and develops over time.  It’s perhaps easy to contend that these fictional superheroes from popular culture [esp. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, & Captain America] have become Mythic cultural ICONS—symbols that take on a special, cultural significance as representations for American identity… that these popular, readily-recognizable symbols express something important about American ideas, perspectives, beliefs and values.  But what do they reveal about YOU?

SO…your task is to write a short 5-7 page paper that identifies and explores your Superhero icon through the “Mythic Perspective” of Rushing and Frentz.  What superheroes have been most meaningful to you, and how or why do you identify with them?  What characteristics and values make some character(s) your favorite and what did you learn…

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