Posted by: Doc Comics | October 4, 2013

“Monomythic Credotainment”


The concluding chapters of Lawrence & Jewett make a few interesting moves worth noting.  By contrasting the classical “Hero’s Journey” with the “Superhero Crusade” within STAR WARS films, the messianic faith in some benevolent despot who wields superpowers to defeat evil flirts with fascistic values.  “if one accepts the moral simplifications of fascism, whether in its classical European or contemporary pop form,” the authors observe, “it becomes plausible to believe that good prevails through violence” (277).  Even Gene Roddennberry’s utopian Star Trek is examined for its militarism and ‘deferred democracy’. Indeed, as they conclude:

“Given its elitism, stereotyping, and appetite for total solutions instead of compromise, it is difficult to find any comparatively emphatic democratic sentiment in the myth, except perhaps in its conventions of Everyman as redemptive hope. Although American superheroes consistently strive to redeem corrupted republics, the definition of their roles and the means of their…

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