Posted by: Doc Comics | December 2, 2013

Post-9/11 Superhero Zeitgeist? Week 14



Our post-midterm genealogy of the SuperAntihero culminates in a look at post-9/11 superheroes and their thorny cultural and socio-politicalissues. As we continue to reflect upon Marvel’s CIVIL WARstoryline (and aftermath), we will also be examining Grant Morrison’s award-winning and critically acclaimed run onALL-STAR SUPERMAN to discuss “Does Superman still matter?” (some of my thoughts are here about Kal-El refuting superkillers like AzBats).  Meanwhile, we will also be looking ahead to your final paper’s analysis of a graphic novel!

Are superheroes inherently fascist, or anti-fascistic symbols? Maybe the medium matters and comics are more reflexive than Hollywood formula?

swipe_file_the_boys_supermanAlso: Superman’s evolving looks, reading too much into Batman (and other weirdness), Action Comics #1 breaks records, The Avengers poster gets gender-flipped, Superman‘s movie make-over, and the evolution of monsters!

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