Posted by: Doc Comics | October 12, 2016

Political Rhetoric of CIVIL WAR?

treatJoin Dr. Shaun Treat on Thursday October 13 for a lively discussion with the Honors College on “Marvel’s Civil War: Superheroes vs. Democracy?”

The Marvel movie was a blockbuster hit of 2016, an election year wherein America itself confronted numerous internal divisions. Loosely based upon a 2006 comics crossover during the Bush administration and a post-9/11 zeitgeist, the much-anticipated sequel to The Avengers (2012) finds Captain America and Iron Man at odds over the government registration and regulation of superpowered individuals after catastrophic global incidents.

How might this cinematic allegory provide us with much food for thought over America’s post-9/11 anxieties with vigilante terrorism, balancing freedom vs security, and the collateral damage of American Exceptionalism for democracy both at home and abroad?

Join the conversation 6:30p on Thursday in the Multipurpose Room in UNT’s Rawlins Hall.



  1. Hey, this is a cool site, but I noticed you don’t have any posts for November. I hope the site isn’t discontinued. Please keep writing, man. This is an awesome superhero blog. Cheers! – Ryan,

  2. “Superheroes Are Being Recruited into The Resistance”

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