Posted by: Doc Comics | September 19, 2018

The Best Graphic Novels of All Time

I was asked to contribute to this list of must-read Graphic Novels, which was a difficult task and I’m a bit crestfallen that ALL STAR SUPERMAN didn’t make the cut. Still, some great recommendations here that I’ve added to my own pull list!!

“The Best Graphic Novels of All Time” list from The Reading Lists.


The task of narrowing my top 3 was always gonna be a tough task. There are a lot of criteria that could be put into play: the most groundbreaking, original comics? Most influential? Or perhaps the most significant in terms of cultural impact or influence upon the comics medium? And since they were specifically focusing on “graphic novels,” then I took that to mean specifically-created direct-to-market one-shot ‘adult’ stories rather than compilations of comic book storylines into “trade paperback” form. Thus, I threaded the needle on these criteria and made my case.

What do YOU think, superscholars? What would be your Top 3 Graphic Novels of All Time?

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